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Take the Yenny Challenge! PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Written by Yenny Polanco   
Tuesday, 23 December 2008 17:38


A test of muscle endurance, strength, and overall physical fitness.

Part 1:
The Yenny Challenge is based on Yenny's percentage of total body weight (TBW) lifted, according to Yenny's own weight. For those who take the challenge, it is a percentage of total body weight lifted according to your body weight using Yenny's Percentage results.

It was conducted using the most common exercises to body build, using either free weights or machine exercises. It is based on percentage of weight lifted, number of sets, number of reps, and amount of rest time in between sets.

It consist of 2 charts:
The first one gives you Yenny's test results for you to use as a guide. It gives you Yenny's own percentage number based on the amount of weights she lifts doing an exercise.

And the second chart gives you the calculation for you to determine the amount of weights you should be lifting for a particular exercise, using Yenny's Percentage results for that given exercise.

With the Yenny Challenge you'll become stronger, leaner, harder and fitter than ever!

Competing in both Fitness and in Figure since 2005, I decided to challenge my body and my mind in 2007. That resulted in the most muscular, hard and best condition physique I have ever been! And this created what I now call
The Yenny Challenge!

The Yenny Challenge was created by me, Yenny, for those who want to be their best and to try their hardest at the gym or at home! It is for individuals who want to re-invent their physiques beyond their limits, or what they think is their limits. In my mind, there are no limits, except for those I give myself. I believe a strong physique equals a strong body.

The Yenny work out challenge will have you in the best physical condition ever imagined by you. You will feel and see results beyond your imagination. You will be fit inside and out!

The Yenny Challenge is based on Yenny's own test results. Yenny calculated the percentage of weight she was lifting according to her weight. Yenny's own percentage results for each exercise listed are on the Exercise and Percentage Results page. The calculations to help you determine how much weight you should be lifting according to Yenny's percentage results are listed as well on the calculation's page.

Your challenge is to try to do Yenny's own percentage for that particular exercise according to your body weight! If you can't at first, your challenge is to work your way up to Yenny's percentage!

A test of muscle endurance, strength, and overall physical fitness.

Part 1:
The Yenny Challenge is not for the weak-minded. It is a test of strength and endurance to change your body into a hard, lean and fat burning machine.

It consists of the most commonly used exercises for bodybuilding. Weights are the only way to build your physique, achieve symmetry and overall body balance. Any time you lift weights, it is considered body building, because you are building your body.

There is only one minute rest between sets in most exercises, and one-and-a-half in other, more grueling, exercises. The Yenny way of training is to achieve muscles, endurance, symmetry, condition, and to burn fat all at once.

Cardio takes care of the rest. With both weights and cardio your body will be lean, hard, muscular and symmetrical.

Yenny is a very strong individual-mentally as well as physically-for her small petite body , so therefore it is recommended that you start with a much lower percentage at first. And then work your way up to Yenny's. Once you do you will have become on of the Yenny's test of strength success story.

The Yenny challenge is tough like Yenny herself. Yenny maintains her physique in top condition all year round. This is not due to genetics, it is due to her hard training, intensity, and a strong will to be her best always. So prepare yourself for the most grueling exercise regimen ever! Once you achieve the Yenny challenge you will feel strong mentally and physically more than ever before in your life.

Are you ready to be your best and to try your hardest? If so, then take the Yenny Challenge now!

Example of the Yenny Challenge:
Biceps: Yenny lifts 20 lbs on each hand. Total of weight lifted is 40lbs.
(Note: this was based on 2007 in season training results.)

Reps: 12-15
Rest= 1 minute or less between sets.

Yenny's Results:
Weights lifted=
40lbs tw (total weight lifted, 20 lbs each hand)
Percentage= 38% of tbw (total body weight)

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