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Written by Yenny Polanco   
Tuesday, 23 December 2008 16:43


So you want to be a fitness star!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the hard work to show off and pay off. We have already prepared ourselves physically for weeks, and even months, so that we can show our hard work and hopefully are rewarded, praised, acknowledged and admired.

How to steal the spot light!
Smile smile smile! First and most important, aside from our hard, lean physique, is our smile! When we walk on stage, all eyes are on us. A great smile will earn you extra points on looking happy, and it makes us appear to be relaxed an enjoying ourselves. In order to get that winning smile we should do the following: First thing is not to force the smile, do not tighten your teeth, and appear to be forcing it. Relax and let it be.

Brighten your teeth!
Make sure your teeth are bright. You can visit a dentist for laser teeth whitening. Get professional mouth trays and whitening gel, or you can do it yourself at home! Go to your local drugstore and get yourself an over the counter teeth whitening gel. My favorite is Rembrandt. I bleach my teeth for a week before a show. This removes coffee stains and red wine stains I might have accumulated over the year.

Baking Soda to the rescue!
Maintain your bright smile with baking soda. Yes, it works. My teeth are sensitive to the bleaching chemicals, so I choose to use baking soda every other day with my toothpaste when I brush.

Reveal young and soft looking lips!
Another beauty tip to a winning smile is your lips! Get rid of old skin cells by brushing, your lips, with your toothbrush when you are done brushing your teeth to smooth them out. You lips will be soft, and luscious in seconds! Don’t forget to moisturize your lips immediately with a lip balm afterwards. If you have severely dry lips, then I recommend you use Cortibalm, which does wonders for windburn, dry and chapped lips.

Skin is in!
Smooth, soft, and glowing skin will have you shining and looking marvelous on stage. First, prior to applying any type of tanning lotion to our skin, we want to get rid off old skin cells by exfoliating once a week. This will prepare your skin for tanning, and applying Pro tan or Jan tan or whatever tanning product you choose to use.

Don't forget to apply the right shade of tanning color to your skin. This will make your skin more even, and pronounce your physique much more Don't forget the face! We have to match the color on our faces with our body color. Choose face make up that will last and stay on. I prefer Dermablend. Also a great mineral powder is BARE NATURALE by LOREAL. It has great coverage and won't clog your pores! It will set your make up in place and give you great coverage without looking heavy or getting greasy. To achieve glowing skin you should exfoliate, moisturize, and drink water! Don't forget to get plenty of rest and sleep too. Vitamins such as vitamin C are essential to achieving glowing and plump skin. 500 mg 2 or 3x/ a day should do.

So don't forget to get your nails manicured. You can also do it yourself at home. Buy a manicuring kit, file the nails, and push cuticles back. Make sure to clean underneath your nail bed. Guys this goes for you too! When it comes to nails simple is always best. French manicures, light colors, and sheer colors look best on stage. Don’t forget your toe nails!

Ladies you would be surprised what a simple cut and style will do for your looks. Longer is not always better! Long hair looks great when it’s full, healthy, shiny, and styled right. The shape of our face will also determine the style of our hair. A long face should stay away from long hair; it just makes the face appear longer, the same goes for a narrow face. Oval faces are ideal, since they can get away with any hairstyle. Round faces should have hair framing the face to make them appear narrower. Square faces should wear the hair shoulder length to soften the jaw. Your hairstylist should be able to give you the right cut and style for your face shape.

Hair Color!
Natural is best! There is nothing worse than seeing roots.
Want to go light, 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural color is recommended. If you go lighter than this, your hair will look orange, not flattering, and just not natural. The hair color should compliment the skin tone.

Highlights are great when done right.
Avoid thick, chunky color pieces. It looks too fake, and distracting. You want to be remembered for you smile, glowing skin, and nice hair, not Zebra like color!

Do you have fine or thin hair?
Nowadays you can enhance your hair in a matter of hours. Get hair extensions. The easiest and quickest technique is to have them glued. It is also the least expensive method. Look around and ask someone you know who has extensions. They will gladly refer you to a hair extension specialist.

Last but not least is your make-up!
The stage lights are very bright, so our make up should be a lot stronger than usual. Apply eyeliner to eyelids top and bottom. The eye shadow should compliment your competition suit. It doesn’t have to match completely, as long as it is done right and tastefully. Shiny and light reflective colors are best on stage. Make sure to get a brand that stays on!

Stage presentation!
Smile, walk with confidence, swing those hips a bit side to side, cross your feet in front of one another, and be proud to have made it this far. Getting ready to compete is not easy, and we should feel accomplished no matter the outcome.

The walk!
Practice walking on high heels at home. Stick with heels, which are 3 to 4, inches high, any higher will take away from your legs, by making them look skinnier, and it could be a distraction, not to mention dangerous! Try to walk in pleasant manner, not too provocative either; this is not a strip tease! So keep those funky leg moves for another occasion. Stand tall, swing those hips, cross your feet and smile! Practice your quarter turns. Look into the organization you will be competing in and learn the mandatory’s.

Try not to look at the competitors next to you; this will make you appear insecure, and nervous. The best thing to do is just look straight ahead. You can look at the judges and smile for a second, then look straight ahead. Do not flirt with the judges. This is not cool. Flirting is not how we score; it’s our body condition, and overall stage presentation that matters. Many Figure and Fitness Pros. offer posing and walking classes. Always remember, stay focused, train hard, do your best, and try your hardest!

Yenny Polanco
My Motto: "To be my best and try my hardest"

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